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Help get rabbit meat off Whole Foods' shelves!

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As you may have seen in the news, Whole Foods has recently decided to try out the sale of rabbit meat in select regions around the country, including in our own neck of the woods. Compassionate people around the country have asked Whole Foods to take rabbit meat off their shelves to no avail.
Please contact Whole Foods Short Pump and urge them to remove rabbit meat from the menu! Click this link and scroll to the bottom: Thank them for their commitment to providing cruelty-free options and politely let them know that you are opposed to their decision to add rabbit meat to the dining table.
While RFA takes a stand against the abuse and slaughter of any animal for food, especially today when healthy vegan options abound, we’re particularly concerned about Whole Foods' choice to add rabbit meat to the menu. While some animals, such as cows and pigs, are protected under federal humane slaughter regulations, rabbits, like chickens, are not. This means that they can be killed using any method, even without stunning. When workers do attempt to stun them through methods like breaking their necks or smashing their heads, the effort often fails, and rabbits end up screaming in pain as their throats are cut.
Rabbits are also smaller than other land animals consumed as food, so more animals must be killed to produce the equivalent amount of meat from one cow or pig. Therefore, the sale of rabbit meat results in an increase in both the severity of suffering endured by animals and the number of animals who are suffering.
With about 9 million rabbit companions in the United States, after cats and dogs these animals are the most popular furry household companion. Most people would be as repelled by the idea of eating a rabbit as they would about eating a cat or a dog for dinner.
Please take action today! Click here:
Thank you for your commitment to helping animals!